Basic Amateur Radio Course

A complete step-by-step course to help you get your Basic Amateur Radio Certificate

Basic Amateur Radio Course isn’t Hard

With Gilles – VE3NPI

So you want to get into Amateur Radio! Being here is certainly a good start.

Meet your course instructor

Hi, my name is Gilles and my call sign is VE3NPI. I have been in Ham Radio as it’s commonly known since July of 1982, been a while. A friend got me started in this wonderful hobby. I took a course and was able to pass my Basic Certificate in the early part of July 1982. Studied some more and got my Advance certificate about a year and a half later. I have been a member of a few clubs since and having a ball at it. I later received my Accredited Examiner from ISED and have been giving exams to potential Ham operators ever since. Now I’m venturing out into another chapter of the hobby, Online Course.

What you’ll learn in the Basic Amateur Radio Course

Across our distinct modules, you’ll learn everything you need to know, to acquire your Basic Amateur Radio Certificate

  • Introduction to Amateur Radio
  • OHM’s Law and power
  • Waves, wavelength, frequency, and bands
  • Transmission lines
  • Active devices: Diode, Transistors, and Tubes
  • Establishing and equipping an Amateur Station
  • Modulation and Transmitters
  • Radio Frequency Interference
  • Regulations
  • Getting down to basics
  • Inductors and capacitors
  • Propagation
  • Antennas
  • Power Supplies
  • Routine operation of an Amateur Station
  • Receivers
  • Safety
  • Symbols

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Course available to section 2.9. Completion will come in due time.

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Basic Amateur Radio doesn’t have to be complicated